Why study in Philippines?

The MD in Philippines is recognized by WHO AND MEDICAL COUNCIL OF AN INDIA IN India MD IN PHILIPPINES is equivalent to the MBBS DEGREE BY the MCI (Medical Council of India) who has established TO maintain uniform standards of medical education IN INDIA AND FOR STUDENTS GOEING TO ABROAD for Medical I.e. MBBS OR MD

Philippines UNIVERSITYS of medical science are listed in WHO ECFMG AND IMED DIRECTORY.

Philippine is country from which maximum no of physician are going to US for practise

MEDICAL COLLEGE IN Philippines are well renowned in many countries for the excellent standard of quality medical education,

TEACHING Faculty in the Philippines medical college are coming from different countries, including US UK and India who are well qualified and experienced in the field. Of medical education,

Philippines medical colleges are regulated by the Philippines ministry of education that is CHED {COMMISSION OF HIGHER EDUCATION}and that is why Philippines colleges do not have any capitation fees as well as no donations to be paid for ADMISSION

BIG BEBNIFATE of an Indian ASPIRANTS t is the climate of the Philippines is same as like in India. Philippines TEMP varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year, which is very alike to the Indian climate helps Indian students in settling with no trouble. The other benefits Of the similar climate is, people having the same pattern of disease which help to the Indian students who want to settle in India.

There is no any CRIME OR Things LIKE ROBBERY in PHILIPPINES SO FOR INDIAN STUDENT FOR BOTH BOYS & GIRL IS Very safe to live and study in Philippines medical college, unlike Indian medical colleges.

Philippines MEDICAL EDUCATION IS BASED ON US education system that IN NPHILIPPINES YOU GET EDUCATION AS LIKE IN AMERICA SO THAT numerous opportunities are open to make a career in English speaking countries inclusive of UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

The medium of instruction is English in Philippines so that no barrier of learning the local language and this advantage to concentrate only on the study.

All the medical colleges in Philippines emphasis on practice over theory give you greater extent of practical experience that helps you during practice.

The teacher faculty all staff of the Philippines medical colleges is co-operative and ready to help you in every query.

As the MBBS degree of Philippines is recognized by MCI, you can practice in India after completing the MCI EXIT EXAM FOR MCI REGISTRATION

The MD degree From Philippines is recognized by worldwide, that proffers student great career opportunity of practises in the US, UK Canada, Australia and other developed countries without any barrier.

The living cost at Philippines is very less as compare to other country’s like US UK along with there is no big difference between INR & in Philippines Peso and that makes Philippines more affordable.

In the Philippines there are a number of Indian ,restaurants and team of Indian & Nepalis chefs to make all the Indian food like chapati RISE DAL available for Indian students at affordable rates.

Both India and Philippines Have tropical climate that helps INDIAN STUDENT to quickly adjust to the Philippines climate.

POPULATION IN PHILIPPINES IS LISTED on the 12th NO WORLDWIDE SO the most populous country in the world, hence MEDICAL STUDENTS will have BIG opportunity to practice with a large number of patients.

STUDENT HAVE NO PROBLEM TO COMMUNICATE WITH Patients they can easily communicate with patient and a local as the Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country where almost 90% of population can speak English.

If student want to migrate to US, then very good thing for him. After cracking USMLE step 1 in MD 2nd year & USMLE Step 2 in MD 4th year student can get a license to practise in us Means big GETWAY for entering or settled down in us

Philippines is also renowned country for MD, the students coming from US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan and South Korea is an evidence of it.

If we look at the data of past years and today, the number of Indian students enrolling for MBBS in Philippines are drastically increased shows its worthiness.

THERE is frequent air connectivity from India to Philippines so it is easy to commutation throughout the year

Embassy of PHILIPPINES is very clear if student is 17 years of age having invitation letter of college Passport ,PCC& all necessary document it is easy to obtain visa and Fly for Philippines

For Doing MD/ MBBS in Philippines approx. 10,000 students enrol every year that indicates prominence of the Philippines is not only limited to the India. But also worldwide MBBS/MD College of the Philippines having very good clinical exposure as well as excellent Academics so that MCI screening passing rate is very good as compare to other non tropical country’s having poor clinical exposure so screening test is easily cleared by student

Medical laboratory’s in Philippines medical college are full of advance equipment’s as all recent medical equipment’s & always upgraded to latest technology

MANILA Cebu Davao are safe and good city to live and study. We provide admission in following universities in Philippines

*Overall package in Philippines is around 15 to 23 lacks depending on which university you apply for .

For details regarding fees and admission contact aspire abroad education.