Why MBBS in Russia?

In Russia all the universities are Government institutions. DEGREE from Russia is widely accepted in all part of world MBBS /MD Degree from Russia is recognized BY medical council of India and also all international council like WHO UNESCO &Medical council of other respective country. MCI coaching facility is Available for Indian students So that they can easily clear MCI Screening Russia is a famous destination among Indian student from last 20 years. INDO SOVIAT union relation is very good. There are near about 57 medical university’s in Russia in which MBBS/MD general medicine, dentistry, MD in Paediatric & Pharmacy courses are run by the university. Aspire education consistently focus big at giving benefit to our students. We have sent number of students abroad for pursuing their Medical studies and they appreciate outstanding medical facilities. If you want to be one of them, talk with our Specialist consultants today. DOING MBBS/MD from Russia is well known for its Towering Standards of education. Admission in SOVIAT or Russian MBBS/MD University is a Unwrinkled, uncomplicated, and an easy to get into it. Medical study in Russia for Indian students is on a increasing demand since past 6 to 7 years. The cost of pursuing MBBS study in Russia at a Crest Russian medical college or any top university in Russia is comparatively cheap as compare to other countries like Philippines America including India.

Universities in RUSSIA

*Overall package in Russia is around 12 to 30 lacks depending on which university you apply for

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